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Re: [802.3_4PPOE] Term "4P PD/PSE" proposed to replace "new 4P PD/PSE"

We don’t want to use the term “new” anywhere---what’s new today is old tomorrow. Once 4PPoE is part of Clause 33, nothing is new.







Steven B. Carlson

Chair, IEEE P802.3bp Reduced Twisted Pair Gigabit Ethernet PHY Task Force
Executive Secretary, IEEE 802.3 Working Group
High Speed Design, Inc.

Portland, OR




From: Brad Booth [mailto:bbooth@xxxxxxxx]
Sent: Wednesday, June 26, 2013 6:42 PM
To: STDS-802-3-4PPOE@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: [802.3_4PPOE] Term "4P PD/PSE" proposed to replace "new 4P PD/PSE"


Good point Fred and I concur. Let's just use "4P PSE/PD."




On Wednesday, June 26, 2013, Fred Schindler wrote:



During the June 20 IEEE 802.3 4P Study Group, ad-hoc the team okayed “new 4P PSE/PD,” for the proposed PD and PSE additions.  I would prefer to use “4P PSE/PD.” This is partially because I do not like typing the extra word and because there will be many new terms that we do not want to preface with “new.”  The IEEE 802.3-xxx standards have no reference to 4P—i.e., no old 4P PD/PSE.


If you have a concern with using “4P PD/PSE” for the proposed PD and PSE additions, please explain why.