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Re: [802.3_4PPOE] IEEE802.3 4P - Compatibility Matrix Ad-Hoc, updated meeting material.

  Here are few comments

Slide 5:
Change to "proposals will not imply implementation" - since we are the ones working on the objective - "will not" seems more apt that "should not"

Slide 6:
 Just for readability sake, I would change it to "To present the above devices in matrix form and determine combinations that need to operate and those that need special treatment"

Slide 7:
New text on slide 7 should say "…will list the proposed compatibility…."

Slide 8
The proposed text in your "details of change" document is different from what the presentation has.  I would not mind if we remove this text on the whole – makes things simpler

Slide 9
Row 5 in the table can be contentious  - just because standard uses the term "require" instead of "receive" doesn’t mean it allows "received" - David Law might be able to help us here.  We can discuss it during tomorrow's meeting.

Slide 10
I still feel, what Dave Abramson sent was simpler – I prefer adopting that.

Slide 11
Notes section needs to be reworded in few places – we can go over it during the meeting.


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Subject: [802.3_4PPOE] IEEE802.3 4P - Compatibility Matrix Ad-Hoc, updated meeting material.



Hi all,


Please see attached the results of a meeting with David Law, Fred Schindler and Yair Darshan on June 27-2013 prior the 2nd ad-hoc on July 2-2013. The purpose of the meeting was to respond to comments send by Fred Schindler, address them for helping building consensus.

Two documents are attached:

a)     details of the changes with their rational. Please review it and if you have issues with it please respond over the reflector or discuss it at the next ad-hoc. 

b)    The presentation attached includes the changes marked in blue.





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