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Re: [802.3_4PPOE] Notes from May 1s call

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the summary.

Please see my detailed response below.




From: Jeff Heath [mailto:jheath@xxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Thursday, May 01, 2014 11:52 PM
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Subject: Notes from May 1s call




Thank you again for you hard work.  Here are my comments from today’s meeting.


1.    When calling out a parameter that is not completely finished and needs more work please add ‘TBR’ after the number.  As an example 26.2% (TBD).

Yair: OK.


2.    Add open circuit voltage to item 4 on page 7 to the resistance imbalance or at least any way to get to voltage imbalance and resistance imbalance.

Yair: Specifying open circuit voltage may have sufficient value since voltage may be the same under TBD conditions.  We need to do some work to correctly defined it.  I guess this will be part of the presentation that you and others need to do to suggest proposal based on simple math that shows that you cover all angles.

Meanwhile I add new definition named " PSI PI Pair to Pair voltage difference" that we need to cover and it could be separate item from the PSE PI P2PRUNB since they are orthogonal and not necessarily dependent unless otherwise prove.


What do you think on the following:

  • (4) PSE PI Pair to Pair resistance unbalance is the P2P DC Common Mode PSE Output Resistance Unbalance measured at the PSE  PI and include PI interface circuitry such RDSON, Current sense resistor, equipment connector, magnetic winding resistance. This is included in the " end to end channel resistance unbalance" and need to be extracted from it to be separate definition for PSE PI P2PRUNB.
  • (4.1) PSI PI Pair to Pair voltage difference is the P2P DC Common Mode PSE Output Voltage Difference measured at the PSE  PI under TBD conditions.


3.    Please add an open circuit voltage to the motion for the PSE PI specification (in discussion)

Yair: Done. We may need to revisited this issue next meeting due to inputs and comments over the reflector but meanwhile I updated it as per the adhoc response last meeting.


4.    Please add an open circuit voltage to the motion for the PD PI specification (in discussion)

Yair: We didn’t conclude this item. Long way to go here. You have to do presentation that try to cover this item so we can discuss it and address your rational.


a.    I am generating a presentation for items 3 and 4.

Yair:  Very good. If it possible, please send it at least one day prior the meeting so we can comment over the reflector.


5.    I think it would be helpful and potentially simplify the work of the task force and ad-hocs to specify the use models for ‘bt’.  Some examples that have been suggested are non-uniform loads for each of the 2 pairs

Yair: Agree. I already added for next meeting discussion option b3 that tries to cover it.


6.    The channel motion should remove the words in the parenthesis.

Yair: Done.





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From: Darshan, Yair [mailto:YDarshan@xxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Thursday, May 01, 2014 5:23 AM
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Subject: Base Line proposal - 802.3bt End to End Channel P2P Resistance Unbalance ad hoc


Hi team,


Attached please find the meeting material for today in addition to what was send already today. Total 3 files.








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