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Hello All,

In the L1 adhoc we are trying to find a way to safely power Type 1&2 PDs over 4 pairs.

We have two options:
1) Detect (at PSE side) that a Type 1/2 PD is capable to be 4P powered
2) Detect (at PSE side) that a Type 1/2 PD cannot be 4P powered

Using a new LLDP TLV would be an example of method 1.
We are looking for a way to do this without a software upgrade at the PD.

As such, we need examples of compliant Type 1/2 PDs that would NOT correctly work when 4P powered.
The definition of not working correctly includes:
- not powering up
- not drawing power over 4P
- puff of smoke
- motorboating
- drawing more power than 25.5W
- ...

Real world examples or theoretical constructs are fine.
These will help us to scope the problem and find solutions.

Thank you!

Lennart Yseboodt
Philips Group Innovation