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[802.3_4PPOE] Draft Mutual ID baseline text

Hi everyone,


I will be presenting possible baseline text for the mutual ID sections of the standard at the upcoming meeting in San Antonio.  The text is my best effort to implement the method I presented at the meeting in Ottawa in a simple and straightforward manner.  As this is a tremendous amount of text (28 pages or so total), I wanted to make sure everyone has some time to review it.  I plan to go over the highlights and the list of major changes from the current standard as part of my presentation next week, but I do not plan on reading every change during the normal meeting hours.  I spoke with Chad and we may try to set up a time for an informal meeting where I could go through the text in more detail. 


Attached are the PSE document, the PD document, and a short PowerPoint document explaining some of the decisions I made and listing what is not addressed yet (connection check, dual PDs, etc.), the major changes from the current standard, and some of the questions (and proposed answers) that I came up with while writing this text.  I hope this helps to make the process a little more transparent. 


I hope that you have some time to review the text before San Antonio so that if any motions are made based upon it, you will understand the implications fully.  Please send me any feedback or questions you have and I will do my best to answer them in a timely manner. 


Also if you would like to be listed as a supporter, please send me an email (no need to copy the reflector on these). 


Thank you,


David Abramson

IC Design

Power Interface

Texas Instruments

Office:  603.222.8519

Mobile:  603.410.7884

Attachment: Mutual_ID_PD.docx
Description: Mutual_ID_PD.docx

Attachment: Mutual_ID_PSE.docx
Description: Mutual_ID_PSE.docx

Attachment: Mutual ID Baseline Text Notes.pptx
Description: Mutual ID Baseline Text Notes.pptx