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[802.3_4PPOE] Mutual ID text updates.

Hi everyone,


I made some changes to my mutual ID baseline text based on comments I received during yesterday’s ad hoc.  They are:

1.       I changed the class num events definition to make sure it is understood that it is the maximum number of events a PSE can perform.

2.       I changed pse_power_type to pse_power_level in the 2nd page of the PD state diagram.

3.       I added classes 5,6,7 to the PD peak power specification with TBD as the numbers.

4.       Most importantly, I changed the way the PD section handles the classification signatures.  I have created class_sig_A and class_sig_B.  Class_sig_A is presented during the first two class events and class_sig_B is presented for all subsequent class events.  This is reflected in the PD state diagram, Table 33-TBDA1 (which is also referenced in the PSE section), and Table 33-16 was modified to clarify that the currents are for class signature not class power.


The documents are attached (note that the PSE document name has not changed to “updated”).




David Abramson

IC Design

Power Interface

Texas Instruments

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Mobile:  603.410.7884


Attachment: Mutual_ID_PD_updated.docx
Description: Mutual_ID_PD_updated.docx

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Description: Mutual_ID_PSE.docx