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Re: [802.3_4PPOE] Baseline work: L1 mandatory


נשלח מה-iPhone שלי

‫ב-12 בינו׳ 2015, בשעה 16:25, ‏‏Yseboodt, Lennart ‏<lennart.yseboodt@xxxxxxxxxxx> כתב/ה:‬

Dear all,

Due to popular request I'll reschedule this so it does not overlap with PoDL.
We will start when PoDL adjourns (in the same room) and run until 7PM at the latest.

Tuesday 13th January
End of PoDL to 7PM
Room Centennial II, Ballroom Lvl

Kind regards,

From: Yseboodt, Lennart
Sent: Monday, January 12, 2015 10:54
To: STDS-802-3-4PPOE@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Baseline work: L1 mandatory

Hi all,

I'm planning a session on Tuesday to work on the baseline text to make L1 classification mandatory.
Anyone who is interested can join.

Tuesday 13th January
9AM to 11AM
Room  Lenox , ATL CC (LL3)

Current proposal can be found here:

Kind regards,