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Re: [802.3_4PPOE] PD Load turn on

Hi Mike,

I think your point is good. A PD should not be mandated to accept power once the PI voltage exceeds Von, but rather it should be restricted from accepting power (beyond a signature/class current) until the PI voltage exceeds Von.

How about this...

"The PD shall not turn on until a voltage greater than Voff and less than or equal to Von or VPort_PD(min) whichever is greater, is present at the PI."

This would allow PDs to draw local power or draw from the LAN based on their own decision making process, but would prevent them from drawing power until the PI voltage meets the appropriate limits.

Nice hearing from you too. :)

Dan Dove

Chief Consultant
Dove Networking Solutions
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On 3/17/15 10:55 AM, Michael McCormack wrote:
How does a PD ever turn off?  In your efforts to be able to affix blame for devices that are non-compliant (trust me - idiots will still do idiotic things you will only now have two things they fail to do properly) you have precluded PDs which allow and prioritize local power supplies.



Michael McCormack