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[802.3_4PPOE] BICSI codes committee supports IEEE 802.3 comment to NEC NFPA 70 artcile 840.160



Quick update from BICSI codes committee.

There was intense debate and presentations by both sides including Stan Kauffman from SPI and me from the other side to the BICSI Codes committee regarding NFPA article 840.160.


The result was that BICSI overwhelmingly supported the IEEE 802.3 position to put off the ampacity tables and LP cables to the 2020 cycle to give more time for industry consensus to emerge.


The show of hands in the room was all for this motion with only Stan Kauffmann as the only person against.


Stan then called for a quorum vote of ONLY BICSI codes voting members. This quorum vote was 11 YES, 1 NO ( Stan), and 1 ABSTAIN( David Kiddoo).


The rationale for the comment approved contains much of the text submitted by Lennart ( thanks a lot for sending this Lennart !)


Cheers !





From: Chad Jones (cmjones) [mailto:cmjones@xxxxxxxxx]
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Subject: [802.3_4PPOE] NFPA comment submission tutorial


All, Dave Dwelley has kindly put together a tutorial for submitting a comment to NFPA. If can be found here: NFPA comment tutorial


Chad Jones

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