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Re: [802.3_4PPOE] need opinions

Interesting, David -  Glad to hear your opinion, I had actually thought a Monday meeting would hurt attendance and a midweek meeting would help. Also it might help podl go through working group ballot by giving some face time to draw in commenters to explain their positions and hear the rationale behind choices in podl.  There was some concern it might increase podl attendance, perhaps with bystanders (which, while more bodies is a good thing, bystanders aren't, IMHO, as they can distort votes) However, if it was going to decrease podl attendance, that would be a bad thing.

George Zimmerman
CME Consulting, Inc.

On Nov 13, 2015, at 10:05 AM, David Stover <dstover@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

As you're all aware, PoDL has advanced to working group review. Attendance and participation has historically been difficult, as commenters are often unavailable to attend scheduled meeting times between when PoDL first convenes for the week and when it wraps up. Hence, every day that is available for the PoDL guys to track down and collaborate with commenters before the working group meeting is valuable.

All unresolved comments during PoDL sessions moving forward have to be reviewed in front of the working group, and that is something that should be minimized when possible. I would propose we keep the schedule as it is, considering that a Wednesday PoDL meeting may be a hardship not only for PoDL but also for the working group.