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[802.3_4PPOE] Successful commenting on the state machines

Hi all,

For D1.5 and beyond let me suggest the following way to make comments on the state machine, to make the life of the (comment) editor as easy as possible.

Simple changes affect only the text in a one state, or the conditions for one state change.
List the following in your remedy:
- Figure number
- Name of the state verbatim, or,
- Name of the two states when commenting on text with an arc
- Replacement text or instructions

Everything not covered above
- Please provide a 'redline' PDF or image containing the proposed changes.
An example is given in the attached PDF.
You can either email me and get a copy of the Visio source for the state machine and redline that directly.
If you don't have Visio, you can use the program Inkscape (, which allows you to edit PDFs.
Alternatively you can also hand-draw any changes, scan those and submit as image or PDF.
The example attached was done with Inkscape.

If we all follow this approach it will be easy for David to find conflicts/OBEs in comments and easy for me to implement the changes.

Many thanks


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