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[802.3_4PPOE] comments received posted

The comment deadline has passed and Dave has imported all the comments. So much for the downward trend: 325 comments were submitted. I think the TF underestimated how hard it was to review the marked up doc and it became clear on D1.6. Thanks to Lennart for pushing this issue, it is better to get this out of the way do we can drive to D2.0. It is going to take a lot of work to get there in July. We have to be focused and get all the comments in for May.

Remember, it is your job to make sure your comments were imported and that they properly imported. The totals are in the jpeg below and the files can be found at the URL below that.

Chad Jones
MGR, HW ENG, Cisco Systems
Chair, IEEE P802.3bt 4PPoE Task Force