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[802.3_4PPOE] July 2016

All, I have requested to meet Tuesday and Wednesday in San Diego. If we are going to go to Working Group, there should not be many comments to resolve. Having said that, I know there will be one: we forgot to clean up the TBDs in the draft. Lennart will file a comment requesting to fix the remaining TBDs  still in D1.8. This is a good last step to technical completeness and is easy to explain to the Working Group: “we resolved all the TBDs as our last step to technical completeness.”

I will request that when you read D1.8, you think about what you would comment on and prepare a presentation. This is big things, not small typos. I would like to use the remainder of the time in July to prepare the group for what we expect to see in September. The comment volume will likely exceed 600 (and could be as high as 1000) for September. We won’t have time for presentations as the meeting will be dominated by comment resolution.

Also, as we move to D2.0, the presentation volume should drop off significantly. Meetings should revolve around comment resolution. And we should be driving towards a clean recirc of D2.x so that we can move to the final step of Sponsor Ballot. We probably still have 18 months to go before this is a standard, but we should start to envision the completion of the draft.

Chad Jones
MGR, HW ENG, Cisco Systems
Chair, IEEE P802.3bt 4PPoE Task Force