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[802.3_4PPOE] TBDs in D1.8

Hi folks,

We neglected to remove the open TBDs for D1.8 and we need to get rid of them to proceed to D2.0.
Thankfully there is only one that needs addressing.

I will file comment to resolve these, but want to do some consensus building first.

TBD no 1 (page 102, line 16)

Proposed resolution: remove "Test Setup TBD."

TBD no 2 (page 210, line 16-18)

These TBDs were put in at request of the WG chair and should stay until we are more nearer to completion.

Proposed resolution: None

TBD no 3 (page 218, line 16)

Idem to TBD no 2. No proposed action.

Discussion ?