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[802.3_4PPOE] Reviewing D2.1

Hi all,

We had nearly 550 comments going from D2.0 to D2.1, quite a few editorial heavyweights, but also substantial changes due to baseline.

When you review D2.1, please pay close attention to the following:

- PICS in Clause 33, Annex 33B, and Clause 79.

Craig has done a great job updating the PICS, working from D2.0 as the baseline. When I included those PICS in the main doc, I have updated any requirements that changed in D2.1, that I remembered of the top of my head.

The PICS in D2.1 are thus a hybrid between D2.0 and D2.1 requirements. We need to get these in sync. Please take the time to check these.

- State diagram figures. I have started the process to redraw our Visio diagrams in Frame.

Pages 89, 90, 91, 93, 95, 100, 101, 140 and 141 have been redrawn. Check these carefully, it is really easy to make mistakes during the conversion.

I was also forced to split some of the diagrams to make them fit on the page. This is needed to comply to the style guide minimum font sizes.

- Figures 33-4 through 33-11 have been redrawn by Jon (Jon - thank you!). Have a glance at these to check if they still match the old ones.

- Figures 33-27 to 33-29 have been reformatted to better fit the page. There should be no changes here between D2.0 and D2.1.

- Comment #172 finally forced me to deal with the numerous broken/invalid links we had in the document.

We should have ZERO broken links in the entire doc right now. I challenge you to find one.

- I have included the entirety of Annex 33A in the doc. Those first two sections have been untouched since 802.3at => these will need updates for 4-pair I guess.

Kind regards,

Your friendly neighborhood Editor