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Re: [802.3_4PPOE] Visio state diagrams D2.1

Hi Lennart,

comparing the Visio files with the figures in D2.1 I noticed that 33-18, 33-19 and 33-20 are almost identical to the Visio, even though they look different from the same figures in D2.0.

Moreover, I found a difference from D2.0 and both the Visio and D2.1. On 33-18 the arc which goes from CLASS_EV1_AUTO to the exit point A is missing. I don't think it comes from comment resolution so it should be a redrawing error. Can you confirm?


Best regards



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Subject: [802.3_4PPOE] Visio state diagrams D2.1

Hi all,

Chad will soon post the visio version of the PSE and PD state diagrams in our private area.
These contain all the modifications we did to the SD going from D2.0 to D2.1.

Based of these, I redrew a number of figure in Frame. If you find a difference between these two, it is a redrawing error and a comment should be filed.

For D2.2 it is my plan to start out with all Figures drawn in Frame.

Kind regards,