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Re: [802.3_4PPOE] Rewrite of


We are noticing a few incongruities after looking at this longer.

1) Inadvertent change

"Alternatively, an over-margined value of IPeak-2P-unb, IPeak-2P-unb_max which is defined by Equation (33–14), may  be used."

is incorrect. It creates an alternate definition of IPeak-2P-unb.

It used to create a new variable, IPeak-2P-unb_max, which happens to have a relationship to IPeak-2P-unb. We need to preserve the original wording. This term is only used to form Iunb.

"The worst case value of IPeak-2P-unb is IPeak-2P-unb_max which is defined by Equation (33–14)."

2) The lower-bound template as defined by IPeak-2P (by way of IPeak-2P_unb) now has a third dimension, Rchan-2P. This is not only strange but is at odds with the definition of Icon-2P_unb, which is a scalar.

Is this what we want?

Inline image 1



On Wed, Jan 4, 2017 at 1:30 PM, Abramson, David <david.abramson@xxxxxx> wrote:

Hi everyone,


I just wanted to give everyone a chance to review my rewrite of  I have attached a final version and a marked up version to this email.  I have tried to include everyone else’s comments on this section.




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