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[802.3_4PPOE] TDL PD Class


Please find a couple of options for 33.3.6 PD Class attached. (Spread over two emails due to size constraints)

  1) Rewrite for clarity
  2) Put sentences back into correct sections
  3) Fix definition of requested Class

It became clear that my quest to make the standard "better" is at odds with our desire to get the standard to completion in a timely manner. As such I offer two choices


Narrowest set of changes to meet goals


Improved flow, definitions, partitioning and grammar. 


-Heath Stewart

Attachment: hstewart_01_0117_33_3_6_PD_Class_opt1_clean.pdf
Description: Adobe PDF document

Attachment: hstewart_01_0117_33_3_6_PD_Class_opt1_markup.pdf
Description: Adobe PDF document