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Re: [802.3_4PPOE] Comment #51 - TDL #129 Part A- Rounding resistor values in Table 145-17 to 1%

Hi Yair,

Your editing instruction says "Change Table 145-17 as is".

That puts the editor in a really awkward position... do I change it ? Do I change it and change it back ?

On a more serious note, I would find it very unlikely anyone is going to bother testing unbalance with resistances precise down to the milliohm range.

Considering that resistors have a temperature coefficient that completely blasts the 1% precision away when exposed to the amount of current needed to test unbalance.

I would suggest the following roundings which actually make the range a bit wider:

0.087 => 0.08

0.101 => 0.1

5.41 => 5.4

6.25 => 6.3

Also, rounding RCH_unb_min/max but not rounding Rpd_min/max produces no net gain.

After all, the requirement is on the SUM of those resistances.

We also need to round Rpd_min and max.

Finally, Table 145-17 says "All resistances within 1% range" should say "+/- 1% range".

Kind regards,


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Hi guys,

Please see attached. Ill appreciate your review.




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