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[802.3_4PPOE] Comments related to #204 that I asked to pull out, are not in the TFTD file

Hi David,


Regarding TFTD file:

  1. I made errors with my response to comment 204:

Error 1: My presentation that addresses the comment is darshan_14_0517.pdf and not darshan_13_0517.pdf

Error 2: In my first response after TFDT FS which says:

“Keep it TFTD. It can’t be REF204. It is bigger text change. I propose different text: Change to " Within Clause 145 and its annexes, the term link section refers to the point-to-point medium connection between two and only two active Power Interfaces (PIs)."

  1. It belongs to comment #205 and not #204. Therefore comment #205 need to be in the TFTD file.
  2. The response text need to be change to only: Keep it TFTD. It cant be REF204. It is bigger text change. In addition, what is active?  it needs to be clearly defined and make sure that Endspan and Midspan are still allowed to be connected to the same PD as was allowed always in PoE and is covered by this spec.


  1. Comment #194 should not be referenced to comment REF 204 since it involves other issue. My response to this comment:  “Does link section contains 4 connector channel behavior as we used to assume in our P2P Runb analysis?”








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