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Re: [802.3_4PPOE] On usage of "active" and "not active" -- Addressing Comments #297 and #76

Hi all,
For the 2nd Part of Lennart comment , there is a reason why we did it. Please see below.

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Hi Murat, all,

If Mode (X) is non-active while the other mode is active, the inactive PD requested power value
Mode (X) field value shall be set to 0.

Suggestion: Replace above sentence with:
“The PD requested power value Mode (X) field shall be set to 0 when Mode (X) is not in

LY: I understand the concern of this baseline and agree. We should not invent new terms when existing terms suffice.
YAIR D: I agree that we can use better language.
I disagree however with this requirement => why should a PD be forced to request zero power on an unpowered pairset ?
Such PDs likely do want to get power on their unpowered pairset and this shall prohibits them from making the request.

Proposed remedy is to strike this sentence.
YAIR D. I Disagree to remove the text. The reason for it is when one of the modes is off from some reason, we need to update this field. We also made changes to the state machine to support it few cycles ago. You can always update this field when entering PD initialization again.

Kind regards,


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please see attached for your review.

Best regards,

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