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[802.3_4PPOE] Updated "Link Section" presentation, figure.


Attached to this message are two files which I hope to present this morning.

1.	An update to my presentation from the March meeting on "Link section".
	Since I tried to do this an an update to my previous presentation, it has
	suffered somewhat on coherence and conciseness.  My apologies.
	Many of the changes are the result of my consultations with Yair to 
	improve it completeness and accuracy.  The major result is some editing
	of my proposal for changing the definition of "Link Section" to improve
	its accuracy.

2.	Modifications to Figure 145-38.
	I had asked to delete this figure as misleading and not relevant to our
	specification.  Yair wants to keep it.  If we keep it, it needs to be modified.
	I have (roughly) shown the changed drawing.  My apologies for the quality
	as I had no access to a source drawing.  It is good enough for discussion
	and to provide editorial direction to Lennart should we decide to keep it.

Thanks for your consideration.


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