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Re: [802.3_4PPOE] darshan_01_0917.pdf - Comment i-425

Yair – I support the option 1 remedy.  To make the adoption cleaner, I recommend you put just the proposed option 1 remedy on slide 11 and deleting the words “Option 1” and the text about “option 2”.  That way we can just move to adopt slide 11 of Darshan_01_0917.pdf if there is general agreement.


Also, I may have missed it, but it might be worth saying somewhere that the approach you propose (specifying the requirement ‘when mated’) and the text you use, is EXACTLY the same approach used for electrical parameters in PHY clauses of 802.3 which may vary with plug and jack interfaces.  That way, the specification and testing of PoE – BASE-T devices is the same as has been used successfully for regular BASE-T devices for years.




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