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[802.3_4PPOE] Proposed resolution to comment i-209

Comment i-209 addresses the 10GBASE-T midspan requirements, which we inadvertently left out of clause 33.  Yair pointed out when pulling the comment that the midspan insertion loss requirements for 10GBASE-T are too tight to practically meet.  I looked into it – he is right, it is a consequence of cat 6 connector specs – and allowing more insertion loss should only matter in a very small percentage of cases where all the other cabling components together have less than 0.5dB to the full 100m IL spec.  In those cases, if we allow a 10GBASE-T midspan to displace more than one connector (up to two connectors) the cabling / link segment specs can be met with the midspan.

(note that in practical situations, cat6a is used for 100m 10GBASE-T links.  Cat 6a has 2dB margin to the 10GBASE-T link segment spec so replacement of 2 connectors will not be needed)


Attached is a presentation (zimmerman_3bt_01_0917.pdf – aka ‘darshan_99’) with the changes to resolve comment i-209 and use comment i-209 to resolve the issue Yair raised.





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