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[802.3_4PPOE] Rules for state diagram variables


Consider the following example:
- pse_alternative is set to "a" and pse_enable is set to "enable"
- The PSE goes from IDLE to START_DETECT
- does detect on Alt A (which results in valid)
- goes to DETECT_EVAL
- at this point the PSE changes pse_alternative to "both"
- proceeds to classify and turns on both pairsets.

Is this allowed ? Ofcourse not. We all know that pse_alternative can only be set in IDLE.


It doesn't say that. There is no indication whatsoever that this variable can only be set in IDLE.

This is just one example of clearly undesired behavior that is possible if there is a violation against the implicit access rules for variables.

Attached baseline proposed to assign each variable to a certain "type" that provides rules on when and by what entity the variable may be written.

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