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[802.3_B10K] Communication from OIF

Dear Study Group Participants,

At the close of the July 2017 Plenary, the WG had approved to liaisons to the OIF and ITU-T, informing them of the formation of the Study Group and requesting information from their respective programs that might be relevant to the Study Group.


The OIF has responded with the following communication –


Mr. Law has asked me to have the Study Group consider this at the Sept Interim.  As our meeting starts on Thursday, I need to know if a response will be necessary so we can get it approved at the Thursday WG Meeting.  We will discuss this further on the 8/24 teleconference I announced.  If anyone has any feedback – please contact me.


It is my understanding from Mr. Anslow that we will not a response from the ITU-T at this time, as their next meeting is after the Sept Interim.




John D’Ambrosia

Acting Chair, IEEE 802.3 Beyond 10km Optical PHYs Study Group