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[802.3_B10K] Announcement - SG Ad Hoc Call - Oct 12 10am to 11:30am ET


There will be a study group ad hoc call on Oct 12, 2017 @ 10am ET to prepare
for the Study Group Meeting at the November Plenary.


At the upcoming meeting, the Study Group will focus on setting objectives
and responding to the CSD.  Any presentations regarding objectives or CSD
responses will be in scope for this call.


Any individuals wishing to present at this teleconference, please contact me
with your presentation by Wed Oct 11 5pm ET.  (It is appreciated if
individuals can contact me sooner, and let me know if they wish to present.)


As a reminder, please be familiar with the following slides prior to the
call - 

*	IEEE PRE-PAR Patent Policy -
*	IEEE 802 Participation -




John D'Ambrosia

Chair, IEEE 802.3 Beyond 10km Optical PHYs Study Group



You have been invited to a meeting 

Join the meeting:  <> 

Thursday, October 12, 2017 10:00 AM 
Eastern Time (US & Canada) 
 <> In my time zone? 

To dial in by phone: 

United States - Atlanta, GA 
 <tel:+1.404.400.8750,,415398795> +1.404.400.8750 

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 <tel:+1.857.706.3435,,415398795> +1.857.706.3435 

United States - Camden, DE 
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United States - Los Angeles, CA 
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 <tel:+1.646.307.1990,,415398795> +1.646.307.1990 

United States - New York, NY 
 <tel:+1.646.749.3135,,415398795> +1.646.749.3135 

United States - San Francisco, CA 
 <tel:+1.415.594.5500,,415398795> +1.415.594.5500 

United States - Tampa, FL 
 <tel:+1.813.769.0500,,415398795> +1.813.769.0500 

United States - Washington, DC 
 <tel:+1.202.602.1295,,415398795> +1.202.602.1295 

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Conference ID: 
415-398-795 # 

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