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[802.3_B10K] Task Force Ad Hoc Meeting - 2/20, 7am to 8am PT

I am resending the information for the Feb 20 Task Force Ad hoc meeting (7am
to 8am PT), given formatting issues I have received complaints about the
prior invite.  I am also attaching the meeting invite for people to put in
their calendar.


John D'Ambrosia
Chair, IEEE 802.3 Beyond 10km Optical PHYs Study Group

You have been invited to a meeting 
Join the meeting: <>  
Tuesday, February 20, 2018 7:00 AM 
Pacific Time (US & Canada) 
In my time zone? <>  
To dial in by phone: 
United States - Atlanta, GA 
+1.404.400.8750 <tel:+1.404.400.8750,,415398795>  
United States - Cambridge, MA 
+1.857.706.3435 <tel:+1.857.706.3435,,415398795>  
United States - Camden, DE 
+1.302.202.5900 <tel:+1.302.202.5900,,415398795>  
United States - Denver, CO 
+1.720.650.5050 <tel:+1.720.650.5050,,415398795>  
United States - Hartford, CT 
+1.860.970.0010 <tel:+1.860.970.0010,,415398795>  
United States - Los Angeles, CA 
+ <tel:+,,415398795>  
United States - New York, NY 
+1.646.307.1990 <tel:+1.646.307.1990,,415398795>  
United States - New York, NY 
+1.646.749.3135 <tel:+1.646.749.3135,,415398795>  
United States - San Francisco, CA 
+1.415.594.5500 <tel:+1.415.594.5500,,415398795>  
United States - Tampa, FL 
+1.813.769.0500 <tel:+1.813.769.0500,,415398795>  
United States - Washington, DC 
+1.202.602.1295 <tel:+1.202.602.1295,,415398795>  
More phone numbers <>  
Conference ID: 
415-398-795 # 
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