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[802.3_B10K] IEEE 802.3 Beyond 10km Optical PHYs Study Group -July 2018 Plenary Meeting

Title: IEEE 802.3 Beyond 10km Optical PHYs Study Group -July 2018 Plenary Meeting

Dear Study Group Participants,

The IEEE 802.3 Beyond 10km Optical PHYs Study Group will be meeting the week of July 8, 2018 during the IEEE 802 Plenary Session being held in San Diego, CA, USA.  Meeting details, hotel reservations and registration links may be found at the following URL:   Please make your hotel reservations as soon as possible.  

The motion chartering the formation of the Study Group is as follows:

·       Move that the IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Working Group authorizes the formation of a study group to develop a Project Authorization Request (PAR) and Criteria for Standards Development (CSD) responses for “Beyond 10 km Optical PHYs for 50 Gb/s, 100 Gb/s, 200 Gb/s, and 400 Gb/s Ethernet.

At the May Interim Meeting, the Study Group approved its project documentation.  It has been subsequently submitted to the EC for consideration at the July 2018 Plenary.  Other WGs have until 6:30 pm Tuesday evening (July 10) of the plenary session to express any concerns regarding the proposed PAR / CSD  We will need to respond to these concerns no later than 6:30 pm on Wednesday of the plenary session.  Finally, the PAR, CSD, and Objectives will be presented to the IEEE 802.3 WG during the Thursday closing Plenary for approval.  Please keep this in mind when making travel arrangements.

The agenda for the Study Group meeting will be:

·       Address any comments submitted against the draft PAR and CSD, which must be provided no later than 6:30 pm on Wednesday (Jul 11) of the Plenary Session.

·       Hearing any presentations addressing any of the 5 Criteria: 1) Broad Market Potential; 2) Economic Feasibility; 3) Technical Feasibility; 4) Distinct Identity; and 5) Compatibility

Anyone wishing to present, please provide the following information (per Procedure for Presenters web page:   


Name of presenter

Title of presentation

Length of time requested (this should include time for questions and answers)

Brief description of topic


Presentations should be kept to 20 minutes in duration, excluding time for questions and answers.  Requests for presentation time greater than 20 minutes will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and the requestor should contact the chair prior to making the request to justify the additional time.  Furthermore, I encourage individuals to use the Study Group reflector to reach out to others in the spirit of consensus building.  As chair, I reserve the right to introduce individuals making similar topic requests in the continuing spirit of this encouragement.


Requests for presentation time must be made two Thursdays preceding the meeting.  For the July Plenary meeting, requests for presentation time shall be made to me at jdambrosia@xxxxxxxx  and must be made by June 28, 2018.  The presenter shall e-mail a PDF, soft-copy version of the presentation to me at jdambrosia@xxxxxxxx by Monday July 2, 2018. 


As a reminder, please make sure that all requests for presentations or submissions of presentation material have no restrictive notices at the bottom of the email.  All such emails will be refused and requests / presentations will not be acknowledged. 


All individuals submitting presentations should review the Procedures for Presenters Page -  I would greatly appreciate presenters reviewing their own presentations to verify that they have followed the cited Presentation Style Guidelines.


Also, to support the web site search tool used by the IEEE P802.3 web site the 'Document Information' fields of the PDF file must be completed as follows:


Title: Title of presentation

Author: Name(s) of author(s)

Subject: IEEE 802.3 Beyond 10km Optical PHYs Study Group


As a reminder to the group, we are a contribution driven organization.   It should not be assumed by anyone that work will just get done without contributions to drive it.  Areas not moving forward will be brought to the attention of the Study Group for consideration on how to address.  . 


I look forward to seeing everyone at the hotel in San Diego, which is one of my favorite locations for our Ethernet projects!


Best Regards,


John D’Ambrosia

Chair, IEEE 802.3 Beyond 10 km Optical PHYs Study Group

Tel:       717.503.4512

Email    jdambrosia@xxxxxxxx

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