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Re: [802.3_B10K] Moving Forward - splitting the P802.3cn PAR?

I would be concerned about splitting this PAR. While 802.3 did this in the past with 802.3z and 802.3ab, those projects had very different participants and areas of focus (.3z being optical 1G and .3ab being 1000BASE-T).


While P802.3cn may have more presentations than past Study Groups (still TBD), I believe it does a disservice to split this effort and the expertise that needs to be involved in developing the draft standard. Time and resources are not infinite, and in my humble opinion, through consensus building and proper management of the project, the concerns about the volume of presentation material or timelines can be sufficiently addressed.


To date, 802.3 has already had significant issues in scheduling meetings to limit the conflicts that can occur with those wanting to attend more than one study group or task force. Splitting this study group will only add to this conflict.


Thank you.



Brad Booth

Principal Hardware Engineering Manager

Microsoft Azure



From: John DAmbrosia
Sent: Monday, October 8, 2018 12:32 PM
To: STDS-802-3-B10K@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [802.3_B10K] Moving Forward - splitting the P802.3cn PAR?



I spoke with David Law, 802.3WG Chair today, about moving IEEE P802.3cn forward. 

Some may recall that in the May 2018 Study Group meeting, there was discussion about splitting the project up due to anticipated different timelines for the 40 and 80km related objectives.  See  

David informed me that per Item 9.2 of the IEEE 802 LMSC Operations Manual  the P802.3cn PAR could be divided, and that this request could be made at the November Plenary - 

At the discretion of the Sponsor Chair, PARs for ordinary items (e.g., Maintenance PARs) and PAR changes essential to the orderly conduct of business (e.g., division of existing work items or name changes to harmonize with equivalent ISO JTC-1 work items) may be placed on the Sponsor agenda if delivered to Sponsor members 48 hours in advance.

Based on my conversations with individuals, I am anticipating more presentations than we have seen with previous Study Group meetings.  Therefore, I am planning on setting up an ad hoc call prior to the Nov Plenary to discuss this issue, as well as have proposed PAR / CSD for the split of work for this discussion.  I will get the announcement out after I have had a chance to review the schedule for other 802.3 TF / SG ad hoc calls.

In the meantime – please feel free to share any comments on the reflector.



John D’Ambrosia

Acting Chair, IEEE P802.3cn Task Force

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