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[802.3_B10K] Liaison Communications

Title: Liaison Communications

Dear Task Force Participants,

The IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Working Group has received a liaison from the ITU-T SG15 with an attachment.  Mr. Law has requested that the IEEE P802.3cn Task Force provide a proposed response.


        Attachment C9          
ITU-T SG15 to IEEE 802.3 regarding SG15 work on G.709.3 and G.698.2
Attachments (Password protected)       

Please note that the attachment is in the IEEE 802.3 Private Area. 

Any individuals interested in helping form the response to this communication should contact me.

In addition, the IEEE 802.3 Ethernet WG also received a liaison from COBO. 

        Attachment C4           COBO to IEEE 802.3 on specification availability       

Mr. Law has assigned the P802.3cm Task Force with responding to the letter, but has requested that if our Task Force wishes to supply content that we coordinate with the P802.3cm Task Force.  If any individuals feel our TF should provide any content, please contact me prior to next weeks meeting.


John DAmbrosia

Acting Chair, IEEE P802.3cn Task Force

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