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[802.3_B10K] P802.3cn Task Force Meeting

Title: P802.3cn Task Force Meeting


I have updated the webpage with all requests received at this point.  Please see -

Few comments about the requests / updates received –

1.      Late request from Pete Anslow - I have uploaded assuming Task Force approval.  Plan would be to hear presentation Monday afternoon.

2.      Update by John DeAndrea -  Includes 3 new slide (27, 28,30).  I have uploaded assuming Task Force Approval.

3.      Updates by myself (D’Ambrosia),  In working with David Law to prepare PARs for Task Force consideration if appropriate, the project #’s are now .3cn for the 80km over DWDM targeted effort and .3ct for 40km targeted effort.  In addition, David noted that a note was needed in the .3cn PAR to explain the division, which has been provided.  Note I underlined the changes for people to see what was different than presented at the Task Force Ad hoc call last Wednesday.


John D’Ambrosia

Acting Chair, IEEE P802.3cn Task Force

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