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[802.3_CU4HDD] Agenda/Presenation Requests for the November IEEE 802.3 meeting in Dallas

Dear Colleagues,


November plenary is upon us soon, and so are the presentation requests and agenda prep.

Please make your presentation requests by the end of Friday Oct 30, 2015 AOE (anywhere on earth), and

Do your best go get the PDF of the presentation itself by the end of Tuesday Nov 3, 2015 AOE.


Also please be reminded that Object Storage Tutorial is confirmed for the 3rd slot Monday night, 9 pm

start (yes, 9 pm! For those who are new to IEEE 802, this is normal – up to three IEEE 802 tutorials on

Monday nights of plenary week).


Please be reminded that our PAR/CSD/Objectives are posted and submitted for considerations at this plenary.


Please send presentation requests and materials to me at ybkim@xxxxxxxxxxxx.


In your presentation request email, please include the following information;

Title of Presentation

Abstract  -  (a brief abstract is greatly appreciated to help organize our meeting)

Time Requested

Presenter, Affiliation

Co-Author(s), Affiliation(s)


Please strive to keep the presentation title consistent between the meeting request and the submitted file.


File name conventions

Please use the following convention for the presentation file name:

Filename: <presenter last name>_<project>_nn_mmyy.pdf

Where project =CU4HDDSG.

Where nn=01 for your first presentation and is incremented for additional presentations by the same author.

Presentation updates should be indicated by an alpha suffix to the presentation number.  Example an update to 01 is 01a.  All lower case, and no spaces please.

There should be no spaces in the filename.


As a reminder, please make sure that all requests for presentations or submissions of presentation material have no restrictive notices in the email.  All such emails will be refused and requests / presentations will not be acknowledged. 


Anyone wishing to present, please provide the following information (per Procedure for Presenters web page):


Also, to support the web site search tool used by the IEEE P802.3 web site the 'Document Information' fields of the PDF file must be completed as follows:

Title: Title of presentation

Author: Name(s) of author(s)

Subject: CU4HDD, 2.5Gb/s 5Gb/s Backplane, etc as appropriate



best regards,


Yong Kim | Chair IEEE 802.3 CU4HDD Study Group
Broadcom Corporation