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Re: [802.3_DMLT] IEEE802.3br Standard Question

Hi Denis,


Yes – this was the intention.  Fragments can start on any arbitrary byte boundary (we actually had debated this and I had a proposal for a 8-byte alignment, but at the end it was decided to allow fragments to occur on any byte boundaries).


You are asking about testing…  I don’t believe that the IEEE 802.3 WG or any RF within 802.3 did any “testing”, but there are external organizations that either have defined or are working on defining test plans for 802.3br that cover this use-case.


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From our IET standard, it seems that we could fragment a packet say at 513 bytes as long as we have a final frag of 64 bytes.

That is because we meet the minimum non-final fragment size, say 256, nothing requires the fragment length to be 32 bit aligned.

Was that the intent?

I thought it was originally required to be 64 byte aligned so MAC that use wide internal paths do not have to byte swizzle, but that is not actually specified.

Is this tested?



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