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Extended EPON Study Group
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March 2012 Plenary Meeting Material
2012.03.12 - 2012.03.15, Waikoloa, HI, USA
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Organizational materials
All contributions (zipped, version 2) 4.4MB SG -
Opening SG report 2.5MB Marek Hajduczenia ZTE Corporation
Opening WG report 662kB Marek Hajduczenia ZTE Corporation
Closing WG report 725kB Marek Hajduczenia ZTE Corporation
Liaison Letter from CCSA (incoming) 57kB CCSA -
Informal Communication to CCSA (outgoing) 19kB SG -
Text of updated PAR
(changes from approved version marked in red)
132kB SG -
Meeting minutes (unapproved) 105kB Duane Remein Huawei
Technical contributions
Title Size Author(s) Affiliation
Evolution and coexistence for extended EPON PMDs 785kB Jidong Xu ZTE Corporation

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Last Update: 2012.03.20

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