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Re: [802.3_NGAUTO] AW: website update

Hi Stefan,

We decided to just concentrate on the individual link segments for now.  Well shielded cables will have little crosstalk except at the connectors.  The link segment data is enough for the PHY vendors to start with.  Once we narrow down the suitable characteristics we can then get crosstalk measurements for suitable connectors and link segments. 


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Subject: [802.3_NGAUTO] AW: website update

Hi all,


sorry not to be able to join the NGAUTO call yesterday as I am currently in Taiwan. I just reviewed the presented slides and I think this is very useful input. Thank you all for generating this!


One question remains to me:

In Natalie’s presentation you showed that you need 4-port data (s4p) for differential cables in linear scaling. I assume this is mostly easily doable with a 4-port network analyzer.

Due to the also mentioned crosstalk I would like to know in which format this is needed? For crosstalk the setup would be a 8-port setup (if you e.g. use a shielded twisted quad cable).

Does this need to be measured also with phase the same time (means a s8p file)? I assume this to be a little bit difficult, as it would need a 8-port network analyzer…

Or is for crosstalk also a separate measurement sufficient just measuring the cross talk alone (passive termination of the unused terminals) – or is it even fine to have cross talk amplitude?
(assuming it is “alien crosstalk” this should also be fine? In case of known noise – e.g. a 2 pair solution – I guess the phase would also be of interest?)


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All – the ad hoc area now contains the presentations from this morning’s ad hoc meeting, as well as draft minutes and the meeting output confirming measurement formats and link segment measurements desired.  Thank you all for a productive morning, even if it was last minute.


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