Next Generation BASE-T Study Group

Interim Meeting Material
January 22-23, 2013
Phoenix, Arizona

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General Information

Agenda and General Information

Bill Woodruff

Approved Minutes

George Zimmerman CME Consulting / Commscope
         Straw Polls and Motions  
David Chalupsky Intel
Liaisons and Communications

TR-42 Liaison to IEEE 802.3 Working Group

    Title       Post date   Presenter   Affiliation
Category 8 Structured Cabling Channel Demonstration by Commscope   22-Jan-2013 Wayne Larsen Commscope
Data Center Design Considerations   18-Jan-2013 Chris Diminico MC Communications
Balanced cabling for 40Gb/s over less than 100 m   22-Jan-2013 Hans Lackner QoSCom GmbH
TIA Link Length Survey   18-Jan-2013 Shadi Abu Ghazaleh Hubbell
Relative Power Estimates for 40GBASE-T over 25m and 30m on Category 8   23-Jan-2013 George Zimmerman CME Consulting
Auto-Negotiation of Reach   18-Jan-2013 Dan Dove APM
A Single PHY Specification Optimized for Multiple Applications   18-Jan-2013 Dan Dove APM
10GBASE-Tsr - A Service to Humanity   18-Jan-2013 Dan Dove APM
NGBASE-T Requirements: Learning from 10GBASE-T   20-Jan-2013 Peter Wu Marvell
Cat 7A Channel Analysis   23-Jan-2013 Stephen Bates PMCS
Symbol Rate Selection for 40GBASE-T   22-Jan-2013 Dariush Dabiri APM
Impact of Cable Specifications on NGBASE-T Margin to Capacity   23-Jan-2013 Mike Grimwood Broadcom


5C Response Ad Hoc

Proposed 5C Responses            22-Jan-2013        David Chalupsky        Intel

5C Ad Hoc Meeting Minutes     22-Jan-2013         David Chalupsky        Intel

5C draft as of noon Wednesday  23-Jan-2013        David Chalupsky       Intel

5C Draft final used for Motions   23-Jan-2013        David Chalupsky       Intel

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