Next Generation BASE-T Study Group

Plenary Meeting Material
Nov 13-15, 2012
San Antonio, Texas


Meeting Materials

All Files
     13.2MB   20-Nov-12

General Information

Agenda and General Information
    551k  12-Nov-12

Bill Woodruff
David Chalupsky

Approved Minutes
     181k 21-Mar-13

George Zimmerman CME Consulting / Commscope

Liaisons and Communications

Letter from ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 25/WG 3 in relation to 40 Gb/s cabling systems
      Draft response to ISO liaison

      Response to ISO approved by SG

Letter from TIA TR-42 to IEEE 802.3 Working Group
       Response to TIA approved by SG

Category 8 Limits and modeling tutorial
  1.5M  11-Nov-12
Sterling Vaden OCC
NGBASE-T Reach, Density, Power & Throughput Relationships
  189k  11-Nov-12
Harry Forbes Nexans
Category 8 Cabling Demonstration
  3.9M  13-Nov-12
     Supporting material
       3M  11-Nov-12 
Wayne Larsen
Paul Kish
Antoine Pelletier
Theodore Brillart
Fluke Networks
Data Center Copper Channel Length Usage
  1M  11-Nov-12
Bob Wagner
Ron Nordin
Steve Skiest
Frank Straka
Data Centre Link Lengths
  209k  13-Nov-12
Alan Flatman LAN Technologies
NGBASE-TSR - Application Specific PMDs That Interoperate
  449k  11-Nov-12
Dan Dove APM
Reach and Energy Efficiency in NG-BASE-T
  159k  11-Nov-12
Mike Bennett
Pedro Reviriego
Universidad Antonio De Nebrija
NGBASE-T Link Segments
  2.2M  11-Nov-12
Chris DiMinico MC Communications
Link Distance and Server Connectivity
  649k  13-Nov-12
Scott Kipp Brocade
Reach Objective Considerations 
  555k  12-Nov-12
Brad Booth Dell


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