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[802.3_NGEPON] 09/03/15 NG-EPON Study Group weekly meeting notes


Please let me know if I need to revise or add to the notes below.


Have a great weekend!






IEEE 802.3 NG-EPON Study Group Work Items and Socialization

Meeting Start:

Meeting End:

·         Review of Guidelines for IEEE-SA meetings.


o    Has anyone not seen these Guidelines? Everyone has seen the guidelines

·         CSD/PAR/Objectives timeline

o    Submit Objectives, CSD, and PAR by Oct 9 to meet the 30-day EC distribution requirement

o    Refinement at the plenary by the Study Group of something we vote to approve in good faith at the September interim is just fine, within reason. Absolutely minimize the changes made to the PAR, minimal changes to the CSD, but additional objectives can be added.

o    Goal at end of September interim – approval CSD/PAR/Objectives

·         Study Group Objectives

o    Review Current version (R07) located here:


o    Comments on current objectives:

§  “Provide physical layer specifications operating over a single SMF strand and supporting” makes it sound as if the said specifications operate over SMF, which is clearly not the intent. I would suggest the following wording instead: “Provide physical layer specifications for operation over a single SMF strand and supporting”

·         Provide specifications for physical layers operating over a single SMF strand and supporting

§  “MAC data rate” is repeated in three 2nfd level bullets. Suggest to change “supporting” to “supporting the MAC data rate of:” and strike ‘MAC data rate of’ in three 2nd level bullets

§  “Provide an extensible architecture that will support future higher MAC data rates of at least 100 Gb/s” – we do not “provide” architecture, but rather define it in the spec. There is also no need to state “higher” since it is  implied by 100 Gb/s target already.  Suggest to reword as follows: “Define an extensible architecture to support future MAC data rates of at least 100 Gb/s”

o    Regarding objective #3 (from R07):

§  Provide an extensible architecture that will support future higher MAC data rates of at least 100 Gb/s

§  Can we socialize this objective with other .3 WG members to get feedback? We should avoid surprises.

o    Co-existence objective proposal:

§  Support coexistence with 10G-EPON

·         Power budgets equivalent to 10G-EPON power budgets defined in 802.3-2015

·         Wavelength allocation allowing concurrent operation with 10G-EPON PHYs

o    Version R08 has been posted here:

·         PAR Scope and Purpose contribution – Duane

o    Review the document “201509Remein_NG-EPON Project Scope  Purpose.pdf” located here:

o    Purpose: Looks good for now.

o    Scope: The scope of this project is to amend IEEE Std 802.3 to add physical layer specifications and management parameters for symmetric and/or asymmetric operation supporting at least 25 Gb/s and at least 40 Gb/s MAC data rate on point-to-multipoint passive optical networks. Also to define an extensible architecture that will support future higher MAC data rates of at least 100 Gb/s. (this last sentence may need to be modified according to any changes in our objectives)

o    There is another section in PAR – “Need for project” – that also needs updated.

o    Duane to update presentation, ready for next week.

o    This information will be pulled into a draft PAR for discussion at the Bonita Springs meeting.

·         CSD Discussion

o   Review documents “NG-EPON 5Criteria - R01.pptx” and “201509Remein_NG-EPON ad hoc summary and CSDs.pptx” located here:


o    Slides will be updated for next meeting based on discussion.

·         Reminder - Call for Contributions

o    First Study Group meeting is:

§  September 14-15, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

o    Contribution deadline: September 4, 2015 AOE

o    Send initial draft PDF and indicate amount of time desired to c.knittle@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

·         Contributions needed


·         Miscellaneous



Table 1: Attendees



Alan Brown


Bill Powell


Bruce Chow


Barry Colella

Source Photonics

Curtis Knittle


Derrick Cassidy


Duane Remein


Ed Harstead


Fernando Villarruel


Francois Menard


Glen Kramer


Hesham ElBakoury


Jorge Salinger


Kevin Bourg


Kevin Noll


Marek Hajduczenia

Bright House Networks

Mark Laubach


Michael Peters


Mike Emmendorfer


Moiz Lokhandwala


Phil Miguelez


Ryan Hirth


Ryan Tucker


Saif Rahman








Curtis Knittle

Director, Optical Technologies



858 Coal Creek Circle

Louisville, CO 80027

Office: 303-661-3851

Mobile: 303-589-6869

Email: c.knittle@xxxxxxxxxxxxx