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Re: [802.3_NGEPON] Canceled: NG-EPON Study Group weekly meeting


I wonder if we could get a baseline proposal by our first meeting. Perhaps this is not likely for us to achieve given that we need to make several big technical decisions. However, I think that is not as necessary as to have a well defined plan, including a complete set of deliverables and appropriate timeline. More important than anything, I think we need to tackle the critical decisions (such as single lane line rate, modulation, scaling approach, optical spectrum allocation, etc.) quickly and effectively. So, if we take a well organized divide-and-conquer approach with a good cooperative teamwork activity, I think that’s the recipe for moving things along quickly.

If that makes sense, in addition to establishing the target timeline, we should work as soon as possible on the list of required decisions and the related known deliverables. Maybe this is the best thing we could do during our first call next week?


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Date: Thursday, September 24, 2015 at 12:00 PM
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Subject: Re: [802.3_NGEPON] Canceled: NG-EPON Study Group weekly meeting

I believe Marek is correct. This process has been used on other projects, the best examples being 802.3ak-2004 10GBASE-CX4 and 802.3bg-2011 40Gb/s Ethernet Single-mode Fibre PMD and now P802.3by.These projects  were able to copy existing clauses and make *relatively* small edits to create their drafts, which is an advantage. That does not change the fact that consensus had to be achieved up-front, nor to imply that these projects did not require a great deal of effort.







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From: Marek Hajduczenia [mailto:marek.hajduczenia@xxxxxxxxx]
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Subject: Re: [802.3_NGEPON] Canceled: NG-EPON Study Group weekly meeting


Looking at their email exchange and history of calls they had: they had a number of calls before their first F2F Task Force meeting, during which they reached broad industry consensus which lead to baseline proposal at the first F2F meeting and its approval. I might have phrased the previous email incorrectly




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Subject: RE: [802.3_NGEPON] Canceled: NG-EPON Study Group weekly meeting




I believe this was achieved by offline consensus building, where Task Force was ready to approve the previously agreed baseline at the first F2F meeting …




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Subject: Re: [802.3_NGEPON] Canceled: NG-EPON Study Group weekly meeting




Apologies for the delay.


Thank you for the suggestions below. In looking through all this information, do you (or anyone else) know how the .3by task force accomplished a “baseline” coincident with the first task force meeting? To follow a similarly aggressive timeline would mean we need “baseline” in January.





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Subject: Re: [802.3_NGEPON] Canceled: NG-EPON Study Group weekly meeting
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Following up on the discussion after the meeting, I think it would be great if we could start putting together a “project plan” for the Task Force. Marek already started working on something along those lines with one of his contributions (attached). It would be great if we could expand on Marek’s contribution to outline all the areas of the spec that would need to be worked on (I understand some are unknown), put together a tentative plan for required discussions/contributions, and an overall project timeline that would lead us to the following tentative targets and tentative dates:

  • Start TF: Interim on January 18th
  • Last new proposal: May 2016 Interim
  • Last new feature and start WG ballots: September 2016 Interim
  • Last tech change: January 2016 Interim
  • Request LMSC ballot: March 2017 Plenary
  • Complete Sponsor Ballot: November 2017 Plenary
  • Ratify standard: December 2017 SA Board Meeting

For reference I attached below the plan for 802.3by (25G Ethernet, which was very aggressive). Hopefully we can do a lot of planning during these weekly meetings that leads us to an approved target timeline during the 1st TF meeting in January and the expeditious development of the standard. 






From: Curtis Knittle <C.Knittle@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: Canceled: NG-EPON Study Group weekly meeting


1. Please join my meeting.

2. Use your microphone and speakers (VoIP) - a headset is recommended. Or, call in using your telephone.

Dial +1 (872) 240-3212

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