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[802.3_NGEPON] 802.3ca comments received on PAR/CSD/Objectives

Dear Colleagues,


A request was made today during our Study Group meeting that I distribute the comments received recently on our Objectives, CSD, and PAR. Please see below for this information. We will start at 9 am tomorrow, in Landmark D meeting room.


Please let me know if you have any questions.




From Paul Nicolich:

Regarding the 802.3ca draft PAR 5.4 Purpose:

The 1st sentence uses the qualitative term 'significantly increase performance..'.  It should be replaced with 'increase by 2.5 to 10 times the performance..." to be in line with the Scope.


From James Gilb:

-General question: With wireless standards, we often specify a target operating range.  Is there a reason why a target distance is not specified for NG EPON?  It seems that the stakeholders would have some expectation of the length of fiber over which this standard can reliably deliver the advertised data rate.  This distance should be stated in the scope.


From David Law:

The issue with the Purpose clause is, as indicated by the question related to item 5.4 'Will the completed document (base + amendment) contain a purpose clause?:', that if the answer is yes, the text in the box will be the purpose clause for the entire (base + amendment) IEEE 802.3 standard. I suspect that there will be significant push back from the IEEE 802.3 Working Group to have a purpose statement in IEEE Std 802.3 for the first time, and to have it only be related to EPON, regardless of how successful a part of IEEE 802.3 that EPON undoubtedly is



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