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ReducedTwisted Pair Gigabit Ethernet Study Group
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July, 2012 Meeting Material
July 17-19 San Diego, CA, USA
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All files (zipped) 5.2MB 4-Sep-12
Title Size/File Date Author(s) Affiliation
meeting minutes (unconfirmed) 177KB/4-Sep-12  Koussalya Balasubramanian Cisco
Agenda and General Information 171kB 18-July-12 Steve Carlson High Speed Design, Inc.
EEE Considerations for RTPGE 222kB Michael Bennett Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Answers to PoE and Channel Model ad hoc 941kB Stefan Buntz, Thilo Streichert, Daimler
Update on Required Cable Length 382kB Stefan Buntz Daimler
Update on EMC requirements 105kB Stefan Buntz Daimler
RTPGE Feasibility Consideration on EMC 274kB Shaoan Dai, Dance Wu, Kok-Wui Cheong, David Tsui Marvell
Link segments 403kB Chris DiMinico MC Communications
RTPGE PoE Ad Hoc Report 191kB 17-July-12 Dave Dwelley LTC
Tutorial for Lifetime Requirements and Physical Testing of Automotive Electronic Control Units (ECUs) 1.7MB 18-July-12 Thomas Hogenmüller, Helge Zinner Robert Bosch, Continental
Tutorial for Wake Up Schemes and Requirements for Automotive Communication Networks 469kB 18-July-12 Thomas Hogenmüller, Helge Zinner Robert Bosch, Continental
PHY Feasibility Study for One or Two Pairs RTPGE 82kB 18-July-12 Benson Huang, Joseph Chou Realtek
Technical Feasibility of Gigabit transmission on one or two pair cabling based on Category 6a technology 2.3MB Richard Mei, Mabud Choudhury, George Zimmerman, Commscope, Commscope, CME Consulting
Slightly Beyond RTPGE 92kB Geoff Thompson GraCaSI S.A.
Automotive PoE Requirements for RTPGE 70kB Helge Zinner, Thomas Hogenmüller,Kirsten Matheus Continental, Robert Bosch, BMW
REQUIREMENTS UPDATE FOR IEEE 802.3  RTPGE 65kB Helge Zinner, Kirsten Matheus, Stefan Buntz,
Thomas Hogenmüller
Continental, BMW, Daimler, Robert Bosch

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