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ReducedTwisted Pair Gigabit Ethernet Study Group
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September 2012 Meeting Material
September 27 - 28 ITU, Geneva, CH
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All files (zipped) 3.3MB/16-Nov-12
Title Size/File Date Author(s) Affiliation
meeting minutes (confirmed) 261KB/16-Nov-12  Mandeep Chadha Vitesse
Agenda and General Information 135kB 10-Sept-12 Steve Carlson High Speed Design, Inc.
RTPGE Survey Ad Hoc Report 8-11-2012 296kB/13-Aug-12 Channel Ad Hoc (posted in ad hoc area)
802.3 RTPGE Draft Channel Reach Objective 127kB/23-Sept-12 Mehmet Tezebay Broadcom
PAR, Five Criteria and Objectives Updates 28-Sept-12 RTPGE SG- Steve Carlson High Speed Design, Inc.
Noise considerations for RTPGE objectives 352kB/25-Sept-12 Gavin Parnaby Marvell
RTPGE Technical Feasibility Study of PHY and Cabling System 528kB/25-Sept-12 Mabud Choudhury, Richard Mei Commscope
    Gavin Parnaby, Dance Wu Marvell
    George Zimmerman CME -Commscope
Zwickau University of Applied Sciences EMC Lab Testing for Automotive
Ethernet Physical Layer Qualification
1.4MB/27-Sept-12 Michael Jones Micrel
Passing Automotive EMC with IEEE Standard PHYs 988kB/27-Sept-12 Don Pannell Marvell

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