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[802.3_YANG] Minutes updated and questions left

Dear Colleagues,


The unapproved minutes for calls on June 24th and May 20th are uploaded, please take a look if anything missing.


Besides, we have two questions left during the 24 May call and I’d like to put them here to gain more thoughts.


1.       Representations of models

Do we provide UML representations in text for people to review?

Given current 802.1 projects are using UML representations for their YANG projects which are easy to understand and review by people without YANG knowledge. Do we also follow this way? As such, we’d develop UMLs from managed objects first.

If not, how can we have 802.3 people with little YANG background to review the models?


2.       The management of the appropriate github repository.

How to manage the github repository? If the task force is approved, we’ll start our work under the appropriate github repository. According to 802.1xck and 802.1qcp projects, it is owned by 802.1 and maintained by Marc(the editor). Everybody can review and send comments to him and he will update the codes there as a committer.

Given that, we can have one/several members work as committer(s) as well.


Information of 802.1 YANG projects can be found at:


Any thoughts on the questions? Thank you very much.


Best Regards,