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Re: [802.3_YANG] ethernet yang model

Hi Ludwig,

Thanks for your comments and input.  All is welcome :-)

Please see inline ...

On 19/09/2016 09:37, Pauwels, Ludwig (Nokia - BE) wrote:



I find dated

revision 2015-11-23


Is this the most recent version?

Technically yes, but I don't 100% agree with everything that Marek added/changed from my previous version (, and I think that it needs some further review and refinement (which I'm happy to help with).


I do like the model, but one aspect is not clear: the usage of the leaf “status”.


My understanding is as follows:

Either we are in the case ‘manual’, and then the leaf status does not exist

Either we are in the case auto-negotiation, and then the leaf does exists. But what shall the system do if the value is ‘disabled’?

He shall not do auto-negotiation as it is disabled, and there are no manual parameters…


I conclude that the only meaningful value is ‘enabled’, hence the leaf does not give any added value.


Could you clarify?

Yes, you are right, this isn't quite right.

Probably the auto-negotation "status" leaf should be moved outside of the choice statement and renamed to "auto-negotiation", status is a bad name anyway.

One key question here is whether the model should define a default value for auto-negotiation.  For one class of our devices, it defaults to off unless explicitly configured (due to historical reasons), but IIRC the current 802.3 standard states that it is enabled by default, so plausibly the model should default to auto-neg being on.  If a default was known, then possibly "when" statements would probably be better than a "choice" statement.


Would you like me to raise this question through a different channel?

I've added "STDS-802-3-YANG@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx".  This would be the best place for these comments, but I suspect that you would need to subscribe to be able to post directly (the traffic on the list is pretty light at the moment).

Thanks for the input,


Thanks, regards