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cable discharge simulations

Title: cable discharge simulations

At the request of the cable discharge ad-hoc, I have organized my Hspice simulations for cable discharge
into a paper. Please look at:

In addition to the summary pdf file, I have included the Hspice W model for
a single twisted pair, and the Hspice deck that I used for the simulations.

Since I did this paper last week, Hank Hinrichs of Pulse, gave me two new transformer models.
I have run these simulations, and I found that the results were basically similar to what I already had.

The one line summary is that common mode static charge on a cable is converted into
a differential signal when the cable is plugged in, since the RJ-45 pins do not mate at the same time.
Also, the common mode termination connected to the wire side center tap of the data transformer
contributes to creating this differential signal since it provides a path to ground for half of the transformer.

Please let me know if you have any comments or requests.

- Rick