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Ethernet over LAPS adhoc document web site


David Law has placed several documents on the web site:

These documents are:

"3151r1.pdf", with the title of "ETHERNET FRAME OVER SDH/WDM" - This was
the original proposal put before the ITU and was sent to IEEE 802.3 by ISO
as part of the liaison letter that was discussed at the Montreal meeting in
July '99.  This document is "scary".  It, in effect proposes a new MAC/PHY
for Ethernet data switches.  It fully maps the Ethernet frame into the LAPS
frame, removing the Ethernet FCS with the process.

"3203R1.pdf", with the title of "Draft new Recommendation X.86 (X.eos) on
Ethernet over LAPS" - This is the draft document for the current version of
the proposal.  It now recognizes the MAC definition from the 802.3
standard.  It still proposes a WAN PHY based on encapsulation of Ethernet
frames within the LAPS frame.  It also retains the Ethernet FCS.

"draftX86rev1.pdf", with the title of "DRAFT NEW RECOMMENDATION X.86 (X.eos) ON
ETHERNET OVER LAPS" - This is the official draft proposal.  This is the
document that will be approved in January '00, if there are no comments,
and/or recommended modifications from 802.3.

These documents are A1 format, so you may have some problems printing them 
with standard letter
size paper.  I went out and got some A1 paper for myself.

After you have had a chance to take a look at these, please make any
comments on this reflector.  Any consensus that is reached will be
presented at the next 802.3 Plenary.

Also,  all of those on this reflector that are voting members of 802.3, 
please send me a direct e-mail indicating your voting status.

Thank you,
Roy Bynum