100 meter Cat6 Shielded channel data to 500 MHz

This data is on a 100 meter channel with 6 ports at each end with channel topology described in Vaden_1_0903.pdf
The files are described according to port number and location. 1Near means port 1 Near end. 2Far means port 2 far end. Within the sheets, the columns are numbered by pair/port. The near end pairs are 1-4, and the far end pairs are 5-8. S12 means pair 1 to pair 2. S15 means pair 1 near end to pair 1 far end. If the spreadsheet is 1N-2N, S15 would be ANEXT pair 1 port 1 to pair 1 port 2. If the spreadsheet is 1N-1F, S15 is insertion loss for pair 1.
There is data for ANEXT and AFEXT, as well as all of the primary parameters. While the ANEXT and AFEXT data tends to be trivial, the Primary parameter data well represents a 100 meter channel.