Cat6 Short channel data for two four connector channels

The enclosed data represents three examples of the short channel stress condition. The cabling group (TIA 42.7) has agreed on the middle example (14 m 1,1,10,1,1) as representing worst case channel topology. This worst case is bounded +/- 5m to see the variability of the parameters around that point. The data is for two connector performance metrics, 1 where the return loss meets Cat6, and one where the return loss in improved by 4 dB (compliant extrapolated to 625 MHz).

The data is not scaled to limits, although I do believe this is a fair representation of worst case performance for compliant components. This data is intended to represent stress conditions for NEXT (PSNEXT) and Return Loss.

For the user, it must be noted that this stress data should not be combined with long channel stress data (insertion loss, ELFEXT) when performing simulations. Similarly it is not appropriate to choose the worst case performance for one pair combination and apply that to all ports.

There is no ANEXT data in these files.