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55m Category 6 Channel Data
Primary Parameters *new*
8-Jul-04; 1780K
AFEXT Near End *new*
8-Jul-04; 4512K
AFEXT Far End *new*
8-Jul-04; 4512K
ANEXT Near End *new*
8-Jul-04; 4504K
ANEXT Far End *new*
8-Jul-04; 4514K
Sterling Vaden Superior Modular Products Description of files.
Transmission performance data for a Cat6 100m channel
26-June-04; 2746K
Olindo Savi Siemon The data provided has been scaled.
Cat6 Cabling Ad hoc channel model update
24-June-04; 500K
Chris DiMinico MC Communications Reflects the draft Clause 55 link segment specifications.
100m Cat6 channel primary parameters
24-June-04; 589K
Sterling Vaden Superior Modular Products Not scaled.
Short Channel Model #1
24-June-04; 1590K
Short Channel Model #2
24-June-04; 1606K
Sterling Vaden Superior Modular Products Description of files.
Alien Crosstalk 1 Near Models
24-June-04; 7280K
Alien Crosstalk 2 Near Models
24-June-04; 6064K
Alien Crosstalk 3 Near Models
24-June-04; 4852K
Alien Crosstalk 4 Near Models
24-June-04; 3639K
Alien Crosstalk 5 Near Models
24-June-04; 2427K
Alien Crosstalk 6 Near Models
24-June-04; 1213K
Sterling Vaden Superior Modular Products Description of files and naming conventions.
Channel Models
10-June-04; 2732K
Terry Cobb Systimax Scaled to comply with kasturia_2_0304.pdf
10GBASE-T Magnetic Raw Data related to dinh_1_0504.pdf

Example 1
18-May-04; 116K

Example 2
18-May-04; 116K

Thuyen Dinh Pulse


Example 1 has no common mode choke.

Example 2 has a common mode choke.

Channel Models
19-Apr-04; 2551K
Terry Cobb Systimax  
10GBASE-T AXTIR Spreadsheet
23-Jan-04; 335K
Chris DiMinico MC Communications  
10GBASE-T CAT6 Models
19-Nov-03; 485K
Chris DiMinico MC Communications  
Class F Cabling Models Spreadsheet
8-Sep-03; 795K
Randy Below Siemon  
10GBASE-T CAT5e Models Update
15-May-03; 357K
Chris DiMinico MC Communications  
10GBASE-T CAT5e Models
17-Apr-03; 1184K
Chris DiMinico MC Communications  
Alien Crosstalk Spreadsheet
07-Mar-03; 1596K
Terry Cobb Avaya  
Transformer Return Loss Spreadsheet
05-Mar-03; 482K
Hank Hinrichs Pulse  


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